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Point of view error    - Strange | USA -

Place : Dallas, Texas.

Description : Practical, for saying "hello" to the close tower!

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Point of view error

Triangular sign    - Strange | USA -

Place : North of Las Vegas, Nevada.

Description : A target for nuclear tests?

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Triangular sign

Overlapping of building    - Strange | USA -

Place : Chicago.

Description : The sky view of Chicago were snuff in two times, under a different angle.

Update : The error has been corrected, to see the old sight dating to the 2006/08/01.

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Overlapping of building

Hollywood sign      - VIP | USA -

Place : Hollywood, California.

Description : This is the image that characterizes the best Hollywood, these are these gigantic letters located on the hill of the Lee mount at the west of Los Angelès. It acted in the beginning of a billboard set up in 1923 by developers property. At the beginning, there were 4 letters moreover. HOLLYWOODLAND became in 1949 HOLLYWOOD such as we know it well.

Hollywood sign

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Hollywood sign

Matrix movie highway      - VIP | USA -

Place : San Fransisco.

Description : This 1.25 mile (2 km) highway of was built for the "Matrix Reloaded" movie, second shutter of the Matrix trilogy.
This film realization cost 150 million dollars , the highway scene is one of the most one of most impressive. The gain for this film are estimated to 738 million dollars in the whole world.

Matrix movie highway

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Matrix movie highway

Universal Studios      - VIP | USA -

Place : Los Angeles.

Description : Created in 1912, the Universal studios are at the origin of the films "Dracula" and "Frankenstein". These studios were repurchased or were the subject of many economic fusions since their creation.

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Studios Universal

Google Home      - VIP | USA -

Place : Mountain View, California.

Description : Head office of the multinational Google, 1st search engine in the world. Created in 1998, it counts in 2006 more than 6500 employees in the world.

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Google Home

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