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Michael Jackson : Neverland      - VIP | USA -

Place : Los Olivos , California.

Description : Here is the Michael Jackson ranch "Neverland" employing 70 people. Neverland is at the beginning, an imaginary island in Peter Pan.

For the fans, here is the exact address: 5225 Figueroa Mountain Rd, Los Olivos, CA 93441.


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Michael Jackson : Neverland

Water falls     - Landscapes | USA -

Place : Arizona.

Description : The Grand Canyon offers splendid water falls to us in one of the branches of the Colorado river.

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Water falls

The Grand Canyon     - Landscapes | USA -

Place : Arizona.

Description : The Grand Canyon was dug by the Colorado river.
With its 4250 feet (1300 m) depth along 230 miles (445 km) and a width between 4 miles (8 km) and 13 miles (24 km), the Grand Canyon is the vastest throat in the world.
The temperatures go up regularly to more than 104 F° (40 C°) in summer.
The large Canyon receives 4 million visitors per year.

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The  Grand Canyon

Red "fields"     - Landscapes | USA -

Place : Newark, Bay of San Fransisco , Nevada.

Description : This whole of baths with low depth are salt-water marshes. Salt is obtained by the sea water evaporation under the the sun and the wind combined action.
You can observe harvest on the satellite view, in salt heap form, not far from these marshes.


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The hidden face of the mountain    - Strange | USA -

Place : Death Valley.

Description : The Death Valley National park (or Death Valley) is located at the east of the Sierra Nevada in California. It is an arid park and it contains the greatest desert relief of the United States continental part. The bottom of the valley of Death is with more than 300 feet (90 m) under the sea level. Since the death valley formation, the area underwent at least four periods of volcanicity.

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The hidden face of the mountain

Giant Pineapple    - Strange | USA -

Place : Hawaii.

Description : This labyrinth has the characteristic to be entirely made up of pineapple plantation. Located in the exploitation "Dole".

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Giant Pineapple

Draw on the ground     - Strange | USA -

Place : Ames, Iowa.

Description : This corn labyrinth announces the annual meeting (September 13, 2003) in the American Hearts club of football in Iowa. On the top of the date, you have on the left the team of Iowa Staff Cyclones and on the right the team " Herky the Hawk ".

Iowa Staff Cyclones
Herky the Hawk

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Draw on the ground

Saint-helen mount      - Volcanos | USA -

Place : Chain Cascades , Washington.

Description : The 1980-03-27, after more than one century of rest, the St-Helen mount awoke. Following a strong seism, all the northern side of the volcano broke down and caused a remains avalanche of 2 km3.
Before its last eruption which took place the 18/05/1980, it was 9680 feet (2950 m) height. The eruption made lose 1310 feet (400 m) of altitude to the origin height (8360 feet - 2549 m) which dug a broad crater (or caldeira) as a horseshoe, deep of 1970 feet (600 m).

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Saint-helen mount

The tallest chimney of the world     - Records | USA -

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La plus grande cheminée au monde

Statue of liberty      - Monuments | USA -

Place : Jersey City.

Description : The construction of the statue began in Paris in 1875 with 600 people working on this project. Once finished, it was dismounted then exported in the United States to have gone up in 4 months on "Bedloe' S Island".

Statue of liberty

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Statue of liberty

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