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Google Maps and Google Earth Tour

Selection of 508 satellite sights from Google Earth and Google Maps ...

More Google Maps / Google Earth satellite sights here ( en français).

Google Maps / Google Earth Explore the world from the sky :
Zoom in now !

Find easily an address, a place or a map.
Google Maps / Google Earth - Stranges satellites sights !

Stranges satellite sights !
UFOs, optical illusions, crop-circles ...

Paris (France) from the sky !

Paris (France) from the sky !
Tour of Paris in 42 satellite images.

Google Maps / Google Earth - Most beautiful villages of France

Most beautiful villages of France
in satellites views ...

Google Maps / Google Earth - The 100 tallest cities in the world

Google Maps / Google Earth - The Nazca lines mystery


The Nazca lines mystery NEW
2000 years old lines ... is not affiliated with Google.

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