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Sir Elton John castle      - VIP | England -

Place : Old Windsor.

Description : Sir Elton Hercules John, born under the name of Reginald Kenneth Dwight is a British pop singer, born on March 25, 1947 with Pinner in Middlesex.
Its fortune is estimated at 2 billion euros.

Sir Elton John

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Sir Elton John castle

Pac-Man in a field    - Strange | England -

Place : Grazeley.

Description : Giant Pacman drawn by a farmer in his field.

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Pac-Man in a field

Shadoks returns !     - Strange | England -
[27/07/2006] Par Bernard P.

Place : Bulford Barracks.

Description : Drawn on the ground, this 395 feet (120 m) length shadok proves to us that they succeeded in well in reaching the Earth: their main goal!

Like says it the Shadok saying: "If there is no solution, there is no problem".

The umbrella for dry time
Shadok invention:
"The umbrella for dry time".

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Shadoks returns !

Race of dragsters     - Strange | England -

Place : Hinwick.

Description : Santa Pod is a high place of dragsters races in Europe since 1966. There is 50 events per year there.

Course de dragsters

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Race of dragsters

Collision of two sailplanes    - Strange | England -

Place : Church end, au sud de Londres.

Description : Like the aerial view of plane with its shade, it seem that it have there one and even sailplane. The operation would seem very dangeureuse in the case of 2 planes.

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Colision of two sailplanes

0 point of latitude : Greenwich and its observatory     - Monuments | England -

Place : Greenwich.

Description : Currently, the prime meridian for the majority of the geodetic system is close to the meridian line of Greenwich, which passes by the observatory of Greenwich. It is the 0 point where are defines the hours on earth.

0 point of latitude : Greenwich

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0 point of latitude : Greenwich and its observatory

The longest suspension bridge : 4630 feet (1410 m)     - Records | England -

Description : The bridge of the Humber estuary, Humberside, GB, with the longest crossing of the world, it measures 4630 feet (1410 m). The pylons which support the bridge measure 530 feet (162 m) and deviate from 0.12 feet (36 mm) of the parallel to compensate for the curve of the Earth. The overall length of the bridge is 1.36 mile (2.2 km).

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The longest suspension bridge : 4630 feet (1410 m)

Horse jump     - Strange | England -

Place : Folkestone.

Description : The Folkstone horse is construct with chalk/stone wafers with lime. This project started in 1998 and was finished in June 2003. 328 feet (100 m) length, this horse pointing out the ancient Celtic heritage of Great Britain, with its tradition of cuttings of chalk, and a symbol of the spirit and energy of now, entering a new time. Charles Newington, the artist, envisages for this work, a 1000 years lifespan.

Horse jump  : artist view

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Horse jump

The longest coastal walk of the world : 1.25 mile (2 km)     - Records | England -

Description : The longest coastal walk of the world is the Southend Pier one, in Southend-One-Sea, Essex, GB, which lengthens on more than 1.25 mile (2 km).

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Une jetée de 2 km !

Crop-circle    - Strange | England -

Place : Entre Billingglay et Brampton.

Description : This crop-circle appeared on July 17, 2001 in this field near Brampton, according to local sources.

Crop circle in Brampton

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Crop-circle    - Strange | England -

Place : Dodworth.

Description : The crop circles are corn field area or other cereals similar which were flattened systematically to form various geometrical forms.

Crop circle in Dodwoth

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Crop-circle    - Strange | England -

Place : Dodworth.

Description : The crop-circles of this fields were make by Human. You can observe traces of tractor wheels.

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Maze in a field     - Strange | England -

Place : Milton.

Description : This labyrinth named MaizeMaze of 7 hectares is a real track play with its hidden indices and the observation bridges. There is also a mini-labyrinth for young people.

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Maze in a field

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