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Europe - Italy
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Contest of kite    - Strange | Italy -

Place : Cervia.

Description : It is in Cervio that was held the STACK EuroCup 2005, European championship of lifting kite.

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Concours de cerf-volants

Pink rabbit    - Strange | Italy -

Place : Artesina, Piémonte.

Description : Created by a group of Vienna artists, this pink rabbit measures 215 feet (60 m) length. This work should still remain until 2025 on this mountain.

Lapin rose géant

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Pink rabbit

"Vulcano" volcano      - Volcanos| Italy -

Place : Iles éoliennes.

Description : The island of Vulcano presents four volcanic mounts individualized, south to north: del Piano, the complex of Lentia will caldeira, Vulcano Fossa (the active volcano, 985 feet - 300 m). The Fossa vulcano has a 1640 feet (500 m) diameter, its last eruption occurred in 1886 during three years.

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Anciant Pompei city     - Monuments | Italy -

Place : Pompei, Campania.

Description : Pompei was a town of Campania in Italy near Naples at the bottom of the Vesuvius, founded in the VIe. In 79, it was entirely buried with Herculanum and Stabies, because of an volcano eruption.

Anciant Pompei city

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Anciant Pompei city

Saint Marc Place     - Monuments | Italy -

Place : Venise.

Description : Thousand years synthesis of architecture, it unrolls its beautiful carpet of black and white flagstones to the foot of the most famous monuments of the city. The Saint-Marc place, called by Napoleon "the most elegant living room of Europe", is the court of the town of Venice (Italy). If it has today an interest before any history, architectural and tourist, it was in the past the political, religious and economic center of the republic of Venice.

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Saint Marc Place

Venice Canal       - Monuments | Italy -

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Canal de Venise

Vesuvius mount      - Volcanos| Italy -

Place : Naples.

Description : Vesuvius is an Italian volcano of 4200 feet (1281 m) height, bordering bay of Naples. It was responsible, on August 24, 1979 of the Christian era, the destruction of the Pompéi town, Herculanum and Stabies, buried under a rain of ashes and mud which where preserved.
Few cities as Naples also developed close to active volcanos.

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Vesuvius mount

Rome Coliseum     - Monuments | Italy -

Place : Rome.

Description : The flavien Amphitéâtre, also known under the name of Coliseum, is a Rome amphitheatre which could accomodate 45 000 to 60.000 (20 000 places upright and 40.000 sitted places) people. The coliseum, with its ellipse form circumference of 1730 feet (527 m), for 510 feet (156 m) broad and 615 feet (188 m) length, the coliseum culminates nowadays to 160 feet (48,5 m).

Rome Coliseum

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Rome Coliseum

Ferrari's factory      - VIP | Italy -

Place : Maranello.

Description : Located at Maranello, it is there that Ferraris are designed. It is the single factory of this luxury mark and automobile prestige. Founded in 1945 by Onzo Ferrari, its emblem carries the color of the power and the Italian class.

Ferrari sign

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Ferrari's factory

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