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Carte France

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Canal du Midi      - UNESCO | France -

Place : De l'océan Atlantique à la mer Méditéranée.

Description :
With its 224 mile (360 km) length, the Canal du Midi is one of most beautiful and the oldest channels of the world. Throughout this river road connecting the Atlantic Ocean to the Mediterranean, we can meet hundreds of structures: bridges, aqueducts, tunnels or locks.

Construction: 1681 (inauguration), built in 12 years, 224 mile (360 km) length.

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Canal du Midi

Versailles castle      - Monuments | France -

Place : Versailles (78).

Description : The castle of Versailles is an old royal residence. The town of Versailles, born from a mistrust on behalf of the young person Louis XIV towards the capital and its population judged like not easily controllable since the episode of the Sling, forms today a commune with whole share located in the current department of Yvelines in France.

Versailles castle

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Versailles castle

Disneyland park     - Monuments | France -

Place : Marne-la-Vallée (77).

Description : The Disneyland Park is a them park with of the Walt Disney Company. It extends on 55 ha and opened its doors on April 12, 1992. Dysneyland is a 2 thems parks , 1 Village, ten hotels, a district business, a real estate zone. It takes 2 whole days to entirely visit Dyneyland of France.

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Disneyland park

Claude François mill      - VIP | France -

Place : Dannemois (77).

Description : Claude François resided many year in this mill. Today transformed in museum, it accomodates many visitors always such impassioned by his happy song.

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Claude François mill

Vaux-le-Vicomte castle      - Monuments | France -

Place : Maincy (77).

Description : The castle of Vaux-le-Vicomte, is a baroque style castle of the XVIIe century (1658 - 1661), built for the finances superintendent of Louis XIV, Nicolas Fouquet. This last called upon the best artists of the time to build his castle: the architect Le Vau, the painter Le Brun and the landscape designer Le Nôtre. Their talent will serve Louis XIV after the arrest of Fouquet.

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Vaux-le-Vicomte castle

Vault of Templiers      - Monuments | France -

Place : Boissy-aux-Cailles (77).

Description : Ruins of the Templiers de Fourches vault of the 12th century.
The popular culture tends to associate Templiers to the freemasons, although that nothing officially connects the two organizations, the first having been dissolved several centuries before the creation of the second.

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Vault of Templiers

Larchant marsh      - Landscapes | France -

Place : Larchant, Seine-et-Marne (77).

Description : Private property, the marsh of Larchant is one of the last marsh of Ile-de-France area. This marsh accomodates many migratory birds. Its surface is 118 hectares. Its singularity lies in the fact that this marsh don't have any more a connection with any river.

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Larchant marsh

Sea of sand     - Landscapes | France -

Place : Noisy-sur-école, Seine-et-Marne (77).

Description : The "Mer de sable" is a top place of walks or forest excursions. Located in the forest of Fontainebleau, it proposes to the amateurs of climbing, a training place thanks to its rocks with their so particular forms.
The very fine and pure sand which composes the "Mer de sable" is still exploited nowadays in Bourron-Marlotte village (77).

Sea of sand - Rocher du  cul du chien

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Sea of sand

Figures tower      - Monuments| France -

Place : Issy-les-Moulineaux (92).

Description : Monumental sculpture of Jean Dubuffet, inaugurated in 1988 and located in the departmental park of the St Island German. It is presented in the form of a monolithic block of almost 82 feet (25 m) in papered height of sinuous graphics. Characterized by a black graphics on raised white zone of red and blue, typical of the Hourloupe period, the Tower was inaugurated in 1988.

Figures tower

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Figures tower

Circuit of France - Formula 1     - Sports | France -

Circuit : Magny-Cours

Address : Circuit de Nevers Magny-Cours, Technopole 58470 MAGNY-COURS

Distance : 2.74 mile (4.411 km).

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Circuit of France - Formula 1

Victory place      - Monuments | France -

Place : Bordeaux (33).

Description : The intendant Louis-Urbain Aubert, marquis of Tourny, projected with the course the years the 1740 future place of Aquitaine which is named today "the place of the Victoire".

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Place de la Victoire

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