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> Most beautiful villages of France
Most beautiful villages of France


> Pyrénées-Atlantiques

Ainhoa    - Most beautiful villages of France | France -

Description : Ainhoa is a village of the Labourd province (Northern Pays Basque) and Navarre. This agricultural commune, with 1619 hectares and 501 of forest. 650 inhabitants live in eight districts which the most important is the frontier district of Dancharia.

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Sare    - Most beautiful villages of France | France -

Description : Altitude 75 m. and 2204 inhabitants. Pretty typically Basque village in Labourd province with its beautiful Basque farms. This village, at the bottom of the mountains, is ideal for the pedestrian excursion, biking or fishing.

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> Haute-Loire

Lavaudieu    - Most beautiful villages of France | France -

Description : This charming village was built around the moniales bénédictines abbey by the founder of the Abbey of Chair-God, "Robert de TURLANDE".

Moniales bénédictines abbey

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> Finistère

Locronan    - Most beautiful villages of France | France -

Description : Locronan is a small commune with 800 inhabitants whose principal activity is Tourism. Classified under the French Historic Buildings since 1924, Locronan belongs to the association of the "more beautiful Villages of France" and also called "The Small City with Brittany Character".

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> Cher

Apremont-sur-Allier    - Most beautiful villages of France | France -

Description : In the Middle Ages, Apremont was a sand pit village ; the sand pit provided stones in abundance stones that was conveyed on flat-bottomed boats and were used to built several religious monuments like the cathedral of Orleans and the Benoit-sur-Loire abbey. Between the two wars, the Eugene Schneider (ironmaster of Creusot) helped De Galéa (decorator), who undertake a patient work to development the village.

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> Val d'Oise

La-Roche-Guyon    - Most beautiful villages of France | France -

Description : The landscape around the Rock-Guyon, with its large caves and its cliffs which rise valley of the Seine like organ pipes, is a a real labyrinth and a full enigma. In this direction, it is offered in substrate to the historical events, which took place there periodically since the time of the Normands ones.

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> Corrèze

Ségur-le-Chateau    - Most beautiful villages of France | France -

Description : Enclosed in a meander of Auvézère, small capital of the Middle Ages and a direct genealogy link with the first comte of Limoges. Ruins of the castle (XII century), half-timbered houses and vestiges of the "cour des Appeaux".

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Saint-Robert    - Most beautiful villages of France | France -

Description : With its Middle Ages lanes and its gravers, its Romance church and its magic fountain, Saint-Robert is an animated village with a medieval charm.
Situated on a peak, on Corrèze and of the Dordogne borders. In this place, you could found a Romance church of the XII century.

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> Moselle

Saint-Quirin    - Most beautiful villages of France | France -

Description : In this greenery environment that is favourable for relaxation and the leisures, this village (of 1000 inhabitants) is full of history and offers many architectural richnesses such as its Baroque church and its organ classified as French Historic Monuments.

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> Aveyron

Saint-Eulalie-d'Olt    - Most beautiful villages of France | France -

Description : Brood in its bosky bower, at the edge of th Lot, the bottom of the Aubrac Mounts, this small medieval city accomodates you in a natural and protected landscape. It offers a wide choice of sporting, natural and cultural distractions to you and the proximity of prestigious sites: Aubrac, Gorges du Tarn, Conques.

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> Alpes Maritimes

Gourdon    - Most beautiful villages of France | France -

Description : The origins of the Village are lost in the mists of time. At the most moved back times, this insulated rock was employed like defense and place of refuge. The Romans had already occupied the area. There exists, indeed, to 1,5 km in Western North, a camp strengthened with double enclosure and oppidum. Such as it is presented at our eyes, Gourdon gives a perfect idea of the Feudal Village. It is built on a peak whose formidable slopes that, after several hundred falls and fall, stop with the river of the Wolf (rivière du loup).
The castle constitutes one of the great characteristics of Gourdon. It is opened to the visitors since 1950, and is classified in the French Historic Monuments since 1971.

Villagde Gourdon

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Saint-Agnès    - Most beautiful villages of France | France -

Description : A particularly interesting place to see in Saint-Agnes: the Saint-Agnès fort.
This monument was built between 1932 and 1938 and keep in the strongest artillery power of the Maginot line. Hung to the side of a peak to 780 m in overhang of the Menton Bay, Saint-Agnès is always equipped with its artillery armament. Many installations remain in operating condition.

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Les-Baux-de-Provence    - Most beautiful villages of France | France -

Description : Several caves, the rock of the Baux dominates of the inhospitable marshes and control the passage of the Alpilles. Initially a refuge place, then a monitoring one, the Baux constitutes a true eyrie from the time, always inhabited and coveted.
Many traces testify to a very old human presence: vestiges of the "Caves of the Fairies" (Grottes des fées), Oppidium de Bringasses, Celtic cemetery of the Vayède Collar and sculpture of Trémaïe.

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> Var

Gassin    - Most beautiful villages of France | France -

Description : Rock headland far from 4 km of the shore, the old village of Gassin, with its tortuous alleys and its old picturesque houses, dominates a landscape of vineyards, wooded extents and the Gulf of Saint-Tropez. From the medieval terrace of the "Barri" (ramparts), Gassin offers a single landscape which extends from the islands of Hyères to the snow-covered summits of the Alps while passing by the massif des Maures.
Ancien oppidum Celto Ligure, the village became starting from XIe century a religious stronghold (St. Lawrence vaults).

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> Vaucluse

Ansouis    - Most beautiful villages of France | France -

Description : Built in the shelter of the Mistral, Ansouis is a Lubéron village that offer vain lanes where you will find shops and craftsmen.
By trotting you through Ansouis, you will not be able to miss the place of the village and will take pleasure to impregnate this environment of Provence near the coffee terrace under the shade of the plane trees.

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> Ain

Perouges    - Most beautiful villages of France | France -

Description : On its hill, Pérouges is a typical city of the Middle Age. Town of craftsmen where no lord reigned forever, the culture and the weaving of the fabric were the two resources of its inhabitants who, since 1236, had communal franknesses.
You will not find rich person vestiges, but a whole with non similar aspect like the houses more modest craftsmen, give to its streets to the unequal paving stones, this so picturesque aspect.

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> Drôme

Mirmande    - Most beautiful villages of France | France -

Description : At the XVIII century, Mirmande will preserve a lord until the revolution. the XX century sees the abandonment and the collapse partial of the St Foy church. In addition a exonerating law for taxes of the without roof houses, many owners make discover the roofs and the become houses of the ruins are repurchased at the price of the tiles.

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> Loire

Sainte-Croix-en-Jarez    - Most beautiful villages of France | France -

Description : Located on the first buttresses of the Pilat mount, allong a green small valley, the village of Holy-Cross-in-Jarez is almost entire enclosed in the remarkably preserved buildings of old Chartreuse built there starting from the XIIIème century.

A community of monks, according to the rule of Saint Bruno, lived in this monastery until 1792. On this date the monks were driven out by the revolutionists and the buildings, become national property, were sold on biddings and were bought by families of peasants from the neighbourhoods who lived there. The monastery became a village and remained about intact more than two hundred years after its changing destinate.

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