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Place : Gizeh.

Description : The Guizèh Sphinx is drawn up in front of the pyramids, semi-man and semi-lion.
The Guizèh Sphinx is 240 feet (73m) long, 46 feet (14m) broad and 65 feet (20m) height.
It was carved in the stone during the Kheops reign and the head was perhaps carved another time to give him the face of the Khephren Pharaon. This face measures is 5 meters. It was to protect the entry from the necropolis of the plunderers and was carved in only one block of stone. Its body of lion represents the force and the part man represents the courage with the wisdom of the Pharaon Khephren. The cobra on the top of its head was supposed to throw flames on whoever would dare to penetrate the places.

The Giza Sphinx